New Arrangement with CAA
When you finally have some time to getaway, we can transport you to the airport in style. A new arrangement with the CAA allows all CAA members to earn points when booking with Coventry and providing your membership details to us. No more tedious shuttle services going on long milk runs. This direct chauffeured transportation is surprisingly economical and very impressive.
Autumn colour a perfect match for Ontario wine
It’s nearly that time of year, when autumn colours burst into view all around us.Autumn is the perfect time for getting out and about, visiting local wineries, taking in colours and picking up treats at local farm markets.We at Coventry Transportation can’t think of a better way to do this than by letting someone else do the driving! Seriously - gather a few friends, charter a vehicle with us and make it a special weekend, one you’ll want to do every year, because you’ll have so much fun!
Love those Autumn Colours
Our communities are filled with places where autumn’s colour can be enjoyed by all.
A car for every event
Not sure how to plan for event transportation? We can help!At Coventry Transportation, we know that booking cars for events can be a big job. You want to get every detail just right, from timing arrivals and departures to recognizing traffic patterns and deciding who rides where.
Summer vacation safety tips
Whether you are headed to the beach for a day, or to your cottage for a month, Coventry Transportation has tips for keeping your property safe while you are away.If you are only going to be gone for the day, remember to close windows and take normal safety precautions. These might include letting a neighbour you trust know you’ll be gone for a few hours and putting a few lights on timers, so you’ll have a welcoming glow when you return.
Get hitched, without a hitch
Get hitched, without a hitchCommon wedding transportation mistakes Summer is wedding season, and at Coventry Transportation, we have limos on our minds!There are some common wedding transport mistakes we want every bride and groom to avoid, so we have compiled a short list to help you plan your perfect day:
Wedding limo woes?
If you have made the rounds of the bridal shows and decided on your wedding date, theme, location, meal, invitations, party, and shower … what’s left?Oh yeah - transportation!
Gather your friends..
Are you attending the Food & Drink Fest at the Hamilton Convention Centre this weekend? It's the festival with taste!
Need a ride?
Luckily, getting to Niagara from Toronto or Buffalo has become a more enjoyable journey than in the past.
Arrive Stress Free
Once again, Mother Nature reminded us of her powers by sending a blanket of snow on parts of Ontario yesterday, making this morning's commute difficult for thousands of drivers. Our best advice, particularly for vacationers, would be to hire a chauffeured vehicle to get you to your destination safely and stress free. Our 24 hour agents constantly monitor weather and road conditions and advise our drivers of any circumstances that may delay our clients itinerary. Why hassle with errant drivers, road construction and other obstacles when our professional Chauffeurs are specifically trained to take those pressures away. Contact our booking agents today for rates by clicking the "contact us" tab. Bon voyages!
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